Wednesday, April 28, 2010

J. Cole – Who Dat (prod. Elite & J. Cole)

Finally, the mastered version of J.Cole's debut single. I was almost mad when I heard the unmastered version. But regardless, J.Cole snapped and did his thing on this track, as usual. But for a debut single, it's still growing on me as a big fan and supporter of J. Cole. Regardless, I KNOW the album won't disappoint.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Who Dat (Explicit) | Mediafire

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Music Video: Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beaming"

Lupe Fiasco and the staff of Illusive Media have released Lupe's new music video for his lead single "I'm Beaming". All I have to say is: "amazing". Enjoy.

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G.o.D. Jewels on XXL Mag website

Congrats to G.o.D. Jewels. His video, which has been regarded as "something special" by many, has made it onto the pages of the XXL Mag website (click to see Jewels' feature).

And also, shout out to the amazing artist, Fernando Peniche, who did the artwork for G-O's mixtape cover for Greatness Opens Doors, which drops May 3rd. This is such a great year for Hip-Hop.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music Video: G.o.D. Jewels - All Things 'Go

G.o.D. Jewels with his first official music video for upcoming album/mixtape "Greatness Opens Doors". One hell of a video directed by Noah Christofer. One hell of a song produced by Plan. This song is so visual, so instead of taking a listen, take a look and see.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

G.o.D. Jewels – Famous Girl feat. Christian Rich (Prod. Time)

Here's another joint from G.o.D Jewels which is real smooth. Yall should check out Christian Rich also. G.o.D Jewels mixtape is dropping on May 3rd and has 2 beats produced by The Baron Boys on there as well! Don't sleep and check this track out NOW.

Famous Girl feat. Christian Rich (produced by Time) Link:

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The Boy Illinois "No Good For You" (Prod. Victor Radz)


I been playing this in the whip all week long since it dropped like 2 days ago. Yall already know The Boy Illinois & The Baron Boys go hand in hand with the music. Look out for us working with him on his Pt.3 mixtape album. 2.5 is not being released anymore so every Monday he is releasing loose tracks.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blink - Pray4Love

Blink's latest leak #pray4love is a true reflection of the times:
  • In Chicago, IL over 40 African-American youth have been victims of gun violence in the past week
  • Americans are angry at the current state of the country and we are seeing an uprising in anti-government groups
  • There are daily murderous attacks in Blink's birth country of Nigeria

Blink has not turned a blind eye to any of these problems and has been aware of the social and political issues at hand. He felt motivated to send a message to his generation and his message comes in the form of his track #prayforlove
Blink aggressively rides the Just Blaze produced instrumental as he lyrically and profoundly addresses the social and political dilemmas that are plaguing our society right now. Blink’s concern is felt through his delivery as he directs his generation to reflect…"these times we live in are a bit different, where men raise guns but don't know how to raise children." Blink felt this message was fitting to record such expressive content over Jay Electronica's ‘Exhibit A’ instrumental.
(direct quote from source: promotional email)

Download Here

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miguel feat. J Cole - All I Want is You

Miguel feat. J Cole - All I Want is You

I came across this song via twitter by way of the homie The Real Just's tweet. How does that sound? I got it from his site. Anyhow, check out the song. Radio-ready, in my opinion.

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Ronald Jenkees Keyboard Improv

I came across this a couple of years back and was blown away. Can't figure out if homie is acting or if that's him for real. Regardless, his music hits. Enjoy.

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Hot Blog Shout Out 2

I've realized I won't have to time or energy to consistently update this blog myself. With that said, I wanted to shout out more than just one blog this week. Here are a few that I enjoy and recommend to you all.

You can look at the name and know what this site is about. It's a video-based college website started by a group of college students and caters to the college audience purely for entertainment purposes. The men of Dormtainment have made quite a name for themselves, especially seeing that no one else is doing anything like this. These guys do it for the love of entertaining for an audience whom they can relate to. Take a minute to skim through their videos.

This blog was created by an attractive young lady who happens to love music. In this blog you'll find a number of reviews on artists who aren't necessarily in the mainstream light but deserve some recognition. The blog stands as "the launchpad to the magazine [she] intends to one day have which will hold the same purpose." Simply put, I respect the blog because she shares all her thoughts with you, and the way she displays her perspective is interesting for the reader. Check it out, it deserves a follow on the blog and twitter as well @Back_N_Robbins.

DJ Lissa Monet
DJ Lissa Monet is so official, she needs her a whistle with a striped shirt to match. Lissa is a well-established DJ and blogger from Toronto who has a resume that runs long, having spun records for the likes of LeBron James, Ludacris, and Drake just to name a few. Really, there's nothing I can say to get you to get into not only her blog but HER! Find your way to her mixtapes, music reviews, news, events etc. Follow her blog and her twitter page @DjLissaMonet

Noodles & Rosé
A blog started by a college students who is also a lover of music, but also a lover of fashion. The blog is primarily dedicated to news, articles and intricacies of the fashion world, but also covers that of the music world also. The name of the blog is such a hit; it's catchy & it's clever. I don't know the intended meaning of the name, but to me it symbolizes the highs of life, the lows of life, and everything in between. Check out the blog, you're destined to see or hear something that's mind blowing to some degree. Very interesting. (twitter: @where_is_noelle)

Random Acts of Flyness
This is a blog started by AG the Kid, a Florida native and pro blogger. The blog displays a wide array of musical talents who may or may not be mainstream, but all quality is assured. Really, not much I can say about it; if you like to hear NEW music that isn't played on the radio 10 times within the hour, check this site for your fixing.

Other Notable Blogs
The Real Just
Give the Drumma Some

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