Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wiz Khalifa's "Ink My Whole Body"

Wiz & the beats he picks is crazy.Straight Bangers...This song is soooo smooth makes me wanna go get them sleeve tat's i been contemplating getting lol.Been playing Wiz music all week long, whenever someone hops in the whip they ask me who he is and wanna get the song I'm playing.

You cant appreciate this youngin's music without a good system ;-)

Other Notable Artist: Tyga, Ali Vegas, Curren$y

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wiz Khalifa's Flight School Mixtape

Pittsburgh's own.You might know him from his "Say Yeah" banger that was tearing up the airwaves when it first dropped like last summer.

This is his current mixtape with straight bangers through this tape...He sorta combines different styles of people in it and from when he first started he has changed and got older (Tatted up, Clothing etc etc).I remember back when homie was like 16 or 17 and my mans put me onto him before he was all tatted up and stylish lol.

You might think he's corny but i like him...

My favorite tracks: "Shame", "Hollywood Hoes", "Boarding Pass" & "Name on a Cloud"

Download Link: http://rs730.rapidshare.com/files/222557179/Flight_School.rar

Here's My Favorite Track He ever Made:

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson :-( (1st Tribute Song)

Im still down from this. At first i was like "he'll make it through" and hit up COOP and YM soon as i heard word. There will never be a person like Michael ever again. He is now in a better place. Here is the 1st tribute song (of many) that dropped soon as we had a confirmation that he was gone...

His funeral is going to be something serious.

Yung Berg - MJ Tribute : http://limelinx.com/files/8c29dfde1db0fa34bd49e488e71a39c9

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

50 Cent - War Angel LP

This Tape is FIRE...I need the production credits for this cuz the producers went in with this. 50 aint slack with this joint. "London Girl" and "Cream 2009" are my fav joints right now

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?hozz4wdyavj

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are Pure - Pay Your Child Support mixtape

I wish just niggas like this (Are Pure), G.O.D. Jewels, Boy Illinois, J.Cole, Curt@in$, all these real music niggas, who put the thought and love into the music and you can FEEL their view of music through the music. Like we really don't need anymore bullshit niggas being signed... There's so much talent out there, they are even marketable artists... Why are these fuckin A&Rs such dickheads...they don't know what they're doing.

Any way..peep the mixtape titled "Pay Your Child Support". It's very enjoyable,
Listen and download HERE

So much new flavor out there..you need to
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---shouts to Jane for properly promoting this artist to me lol

Monday, June 22, 2009

J.Cole - The Warm Up Mixtape

This dude is hands down the illest out right now (that INCLUDES niggas i personally know). I aint heard a dude spit with so much heart and soul like this since ya favorite rappers from the 90's. "Can I Live" & "Hold It Down" are my favorite tracks.

Remember when Hov on Backstage said, "Theres a nigga eating some applejacks writing some SHIT,when i find him,imma sign him,i dont want no problems". This is that dude...( No wonder he signed him to RocNation soon as he heard him ;) )

1. Intro (The Warm Up)
2. Welcome
3. Can I Live* (Produced by Syience)
4. Grown Simba
5. Just To Get By
6. Lights Please
7. Dead Presidents II
8. I Get Up
9. World Is Empty
10. Dreams ft. Brandon Hines
11. Royal Flush
12. Dollar and a Dream II
13. Water Break (Interlude)
14. Heartache** (Produced by Elite)
15. Get Away
16. Knock Knock
17. Ladies ft. Lee Fields and The Expressions
18. Til’ Infinity
19. The Badness ft. Omen
20. Hold It Down
21. Last Call

22. Losing My Balance

All Songs Written and Produced by J. Cole
* - Produced by Syience
** - Produced by Elite

Download: www.zshare.net/download/61387621768d47a2/

for real . . . you already know
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Friday, June 19, 2009


Dope track... BEAT IS DOPE (Don't be surprised if you hear me mimic this beat)

Listen to the track here

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CurT@!n$ - Dope For President Mixtape --> You Know Were On That!

CurT@!n$ blesses us with the cover and tracklisting to his upcoming project "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: Dope For President". Election Day is June 23rd at www.HighSocietyLife.com Vote Dope!

Make sure yall support Curt and us & check out that last track

Produced By The Baron Boys...

VOTE NOW!!! VOTE (download) HERE

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Death of a Genius 'Glory or Death' Review

"Chicago's G.o.D. Jewels is one of the nicest niggas kickin' it...Beckham. People have been waiting for this tape for years (literally). I mean, actively waiting. Not on some "When it drop, it drops" shit...I mean on some "When is it dropping!!?" shit. And with every day, week and month that it didn't drop...Jewels raised expectations. There was never a slew of release dates that didn't come, no broken promises...just talk of a legendary tape that would one day come out. One day happened and that day didn't disappoint."

Read on here

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Clipse - "I'm Good" ft. Pharrell

This joint just feels good to listen too. that kinda shit you can see the video for already, but instead of Clipse in there you see yourself... having your jewelery be illuminated by the excellent rays of a sunny day, catching every eye driving slowly in the V, walkin' the strip while appreciating and scoping the local display of beautiful women. *Inhale*...... *exhale* beautiful shit!!! Check it out HERE




...now back to 'Glory or Death'

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

G.o.D Jewels Mixtape Album "Glory or Death"

Damn its been like a year and some change people have been waiting on G.o.D Jewels Mixtape. This is just an online release right now and later i was told that hardcopies will be distributed.

Coverart and the Backcover art is crazy!!!!

You already know The Baron Boys got a slot on this mixtape classic ;-) "Im Saying..."

Jewels (Prod. By keen-Y)

Like A God

Over And Over (Prod. By Planet Earth)

Toys (Prod. By Alexander The Great)

One Can Win (Prod. By J Dilla)

Boss (Prod. By Flu)

I'm Sayin' (Prod. By The Baron Boys)

3-2 Gang ft. J-Diction (Prod. By Planet Earth)

L.A. To Chicago ft. DOM. Kennedy (Prod. By Flu)

Hella Haters ft. The Boy Illinois (Prod. By Graziano)

Heathens (Prod. By Plan)

All The Way Around ft. Wize (Prod. By E&J)

Word Play

Brother ft. Naych (Prod. By E&J)

Windy City (Prod. By Flu)

Ain't No Way ft. Ambrosia (Prod. By E&J)



You All Need to...
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

...WOW...T-Pain Chain

T-Pain says:

"10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don't know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola señor recession proof. With 32 cars.Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account.I dont do dumb shit like this till I know the fams good. So don't judge me frm what I buy.Judge me frm what I do.Cuz it's so many artists that put themself before their family.but thanx yo"

What do YOU think?

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

R.I.P To My Nigga Hoshiko

Man I go way back with my mans Hoshiko. I remember when I was like 17/18 & used to bullshit rap and had a lil flow when we used to work at the arcade.You was that nigga to always put me on the spot to spit something and I would rap some wack stuff and u would come and spit some crazy freestyle lol.

I regret never hollering at u like I should of these past couple weeks when you wanted me to so we could just kick it for old times sake. Thanks for all them rides u hooked me up with from work back home when my mother couldn't pick me up back in the day. I always looked at you like you was way older then me but we were the same age. Its going to seem eerie walking past the Verizon store in the mall and not seeing u anymore.You'll be truly missed.

Always cherish the people around you.tomorrow ain't promised for anyone of us.


-Sosa the Casanova

Drake really is "the tidal when the tides small"

Who gets an article in Rolling Stone with out even dropping an album? This guy has so much riding on him and his much anticipated album, and I hope it doesn't get to him. So much pressure to be successful and make the best fucking album anyone has ever heard. I'll never doubt his capability though.

Read Drake's RollingStone Article Here

New song: Mary J. Blige ft. Drake - “The One” (prod. Darkchild)

Drake Interview with OnAirIdiots

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JayZ - D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)

Download "D.O.A." HERE

Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex premiered this track by JayZ called D.O.A. or the Death of Autotune. Best Jay verse in a minute. This track is considered to be Jay's official Street track, produced by No Id and Kanye West. Honestly I think his flow has changed for the worse but as long as the content is there, it's all good. His first official song from "The Blueprint 3" album will be titled "Off that", featuring DRIZZY DRAKE. Drake has is in here, to be an unsigned rapper with so much hype, cosigned by the best rapper alive, and with out even dropping a fucking SINGLE YET??? unheard of. Anyway, back to the Death of Autotune. The track is hot in my opinion. JayZ came back wit this one.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

DIRECT CONNECT: Fuck You Lame Managers/A&R's

So I call up Gorilla Zoe's manager, hoping to get him some joints, to my surprise Gorilla Zoe himself picks up the phone.I knew something was up when I heard his voice like "this nigga sound just Zoe".I'm like "this Zoe manager?" he like "this Zoe HIMSELF,what's good".So we talk a lil and he says hit him with some heat and text him back.I ask him about Yung Joc, this dude was like "I dont fuck with no Joc", Im sorry but i had to calm myself down cuz i was bout to bust out laughing on the phone, but he was dead serious. Someone else told me BLOCK ENT. is going through some shit so that would explain why he said that.Done

Now I call up my Ace Hood contact.Same shit happens lol..Then i call up Ace Hood manager after i had talked to Ace Hood. This guy's manager is a lame, sounding like he just woke up everytime i speak to him, mumbling on the phone. I really felt like stepping outta the professional state i have to stay in and telling his ass to "speak up nigga!" but you gotta keep it professional.

I aint even mention when Rich Boy called me up direct saluting Coop & YM for the joints they had on the page (www.thebaronboys.com)

I guess some of these artist are tired of their managers/labels who be on bullshit and don't get them these hot records or I just got lucky? lol.hopefully something surfaces with both artist.

Half the time i don't even think they relay records to the artist.

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