Monday, June 28, 2010

COOP: Creative Frustrations

I've been thinking about my creative process and my creative state of mind lately, and I've been bothered by both... it's weird to say this because, initially, one would think both could be easily manipulated and changed, but in actuality, to take charge of one's creativity is a far-fetched task for some people. As for me, my creativity comes and goes whenever it pleases, and I f*ckin want to know why. Why can't I summon my creative genius on command?

In regards to my earlier beat-making process, creativity used to strike more frequently than it does now; I suppose it’s due to me advancing in technique over the years…maybe I’m caught up in the actual practice of making beats instead of viewing it as an art form, or my mentality when making beats isn't the same as it once was, or it could be my mind being tired of looking at and working with the same workstation/equipment – I’m the type of person who needs constant excitement to avoid boredom...or could be all of the above. Bottom line is that my musical creativity is shot. I need that work flow back – that flow of creativity as I once had – effortlessly executing melody after melody, drum pattern after drum pattern, even if they were less advanced in musicality than melodies and drum patterns I create nowadays.

As I mentioned before, I think I get lost in the actual practice of making beats – seeking to achieve a particular goal within the beat – whether it be giving the beat more energy, or maintaining momentum of the beat, or trying to evoke a certain emotion through melody… when my mind is stuck on trying to achieve these elements (even subconsciously), it obstructs the free flow of musical creativity. Although, I wish I could just fix that dilemma, I don't know if that's something I can necessarily control.

The key subject here is the free flow of creativity yearned by so many, but assessable to utilize by only few. I still have this flow of creativity but only in short spurts throughout the year. For example, my mind will be in a creative state that allows me to make a batch of 5-7 beats over a time span of about a week or two (and that’s a high number for me). My creative process is not a one-go, sit-in, make-a-beat kinda thing. When people ask me how long it takes for me to make a beat, I tell them I don’t know. I can't say that it takes me 10 minutes, or an hour, or two hours to make a beat, because I usually work on several beats at one time, switching back and forth between each one while letting my creativity flow (all this in a couple week's time span). It works out pretty well… for the time the spurt of creativity lasts.

This has been a random rant of thoughts by yours truly, COOP of The Baron Boys, and has no ultimate purpose other than for the reading pleasure of whoever feels like reading it... Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

[Video] Laws - Hold You down

This, along with his song produced by 9th Wonder, is the song that made me a fan of Orlando-native Laws (the rapper's name). I hope this post puts someone one to him as well. As for his mixtape: it was not my cup of tea. I only liked a few songs on there, but I hope his albums turns out to be more enjoyable. Enjoy

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[Video] Drake “Better Than Good Enough” Documentary

This is a first part of a 7-part documentary.

After MTV aired Drake's “Better Than Good Enough” documentary, I saw a lot of tweets from people saying they gained more respect for him as a person and artist. I still haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it's interesting. This is a great way to allow not only fans but doubters a chance to look into what Drake's really rapping about in his songs, since his songs are all based on what's going on in his life. A personal view into someone's life gives people a sense of security - being able to relate and feel more comfortable with their own lives. People love to see that. It's why reality shows are so popular.

View the rest of the 7-part documentary at

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Monday, June 21, 2010

[Video] J. Cole - Who Dat

J. Cole stopped by 106 & Park today to drop off the music video to his debut single "Who Dat." It's VERY similar to his very first video for "[Young] Simba" from his freshmen mixtape The Come Up [update: I got confirmation that both videos were directed by BB Gun. So that would explain the similar video concepts]. I'm no video producer or director, but I can always pick out places within the video where things could have been better, but nonetheless, it's a pretty cool video with a lot of pyrotechnics. Peep.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Boy Illinois & Air Lines – I Got It

This is a joint that wasn't posted by us, but by Illi & Air Lines - "I Got It". Realll Smooth Joint. I Promise You.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

COOP: Women feel like the sole reason we are put on this Earth as human beings is to get married and have a family, right? That statement was kinda bold. But why are we put here? Is it to go to school, get a job, join in wedlock, reproduce, then die? Is it to destroy ourselves and the world on which we live? Is it solely to serve our creator? Whatever our purpose might be, it can't be to simply find the meaning of life in search. It's cool to wonder sometimes. I wonder why/how all the time. Much thought beyond a simple wonder would simply be pointless. The voyage to find the meaning of life: just as futile as holding a grudge against the sky.

I say pursue what makes you happy. Embrace all that feels right. Not everyone can be a star, rich, or famous. Not everyone wants to be any of those things. If I had an ultimate philosophy about life, it would be that life is about filling your niche in society. Wouldn't you agree? How does one find their niche? I'd say just make your niche by pursuing what makes you happy, or what feels right. How wrong can you go with that direction?

My purpose:
I, myself, would like grow into the man I believe is a great man -- a man great enough to love his woman unconditionally, a man great enough to provide for his family and raise his children appropriately, a man great enough to fulfill these duties, and a man great enough to accept his imperfections. I simply want to be a man of charisma, perseverance, and ambition... To not simply live life... but to actively live, or to be alive while living my life, as many people do not do.

Before I leave this Earth I plan on doing everything I want to do, for the simple fact that I want to do it. From skydiving to flying my own plane to waking up to a sun rise on a peak in the highlands of a Southeast Asian island. In the pursuit of happiness and self-fulfillment, I will be a great force in the music industry. I will be a hero in someone's eyes. I will give back and do my part to bring joy to someone's life. I will live and enjoy life along side of  loved ones, and I will provide them with the knowledge and opportunities to do the same, but at a greater magnitude. I came into the world airborne, and I will leave this earth with my footprint embedded in history.

Everyone has their own perspective at which they view life - may my view to be wider
Life is what you make it - may my life to be a monument
Take the world by storm - may my raindrops sprout new buds across the globe.
Promote Good Karma

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things That Would Make Life Better

Mac Book Pro -
Mac is a great machine for music production. It has made its way to being the industry standard in all recording studios.

Right now, out of convenience and lack of sufficient funds, I'm working with a really booty Compaq laptop. Only good thing about it is the 3gigs of RAM and 17inch Wide screen. Previously coming from a Dell desktop with only 256MB of RAM, my Compaq laptop is still a great upgrade. But I still need that Mac.
Pro Tools HD 8 -
Pro Tools is industry standard for recording, tracking, and mixing music. Pro Tools has its own signature sound when your tracks are processed through it. I've had my own beats sound better after being run through Pro Tools.

There are many DAWs (digital audio workstation) that some people prefer over Pro Tools, but I honestly believe they're just trying to be rebels and go against the grain.
FL Studio -
Boy, WHAT?! ...nuff said.

Piano Lessons -
First off, classical piano training is not necessary to learn how to play piano. I personally believe there are more percs to being formally trained. I've been building chords for years without knowing what they are, or if they're being executed properly within the best register, etc. Why not know music when making music?
Being handy with a piano/keyboard opens your mind to a wider array of possibilities than otherwise, not being handy with keys.

'Inspiration of St.Matthew' ca.1602
Inspiration -
Not much to say here. All creators of anything need inspiration. A creative mind is useless without being inspired to create.

Inspiration is all around us. Sometimes, inspiration doesn't necessarily jump out at us. It comes with realization. Personally, I find inspiration within visual art, movies, background music in movies, background music in commercials, cruises down the highway at night, etc. Despite inspiration taking many forms and always being around me, sometimes it just doesn't come to me as inspiration without realization.

Big Ben
Time -
All things lost can be regained...except for time. Time is powerful. Time heals. Time tells. Time enlightens. Time allows. It sucks how important time is, yet it's the one thing to which we are so limited. You could do anything if you had an unlimited amount of time. Conversely, you can only do so much with such a limited amount of time.

Open Labs Neko -
"Powered by the latest Intel® Corei5 processor and using a 15" touchscreen, 61 black and white keys, built-in QWERTY keyboard and running Windows 7™ OS, the GEN6 NeKo XXL is an entirely new class of multimedia instrument. NeKo XXL is specifically designed with keyboard playability and maximum studio functionality."

This machine can hold Pro Tools and FL Studio along side of many of programs within it's hard drive. A list of producers I know who use this machine are Timbaland, Denaun Porter, Polow da Don, Tim & Bob (they have 2), and even Prince and Teddy Riley.

But I really wouldn't mind this here

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The Last Stretch

On the 1-year anniversary of the release of his sophomore mixtape The Warm Up, J. Cole decides to post this jewel for his fans in appreciation of their support. Another very dope verse. But if you listen to the lyrics, you can hear the shots fired *fireworks*

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole - The Last Stretch 
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Light Show

Light Show - Blink, Young Blu & Jay Moses feat. The Boy Illinois (prod. by TheGr8Thin)

Download Here

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Street Etiquette

Travis Gumbs & Joshua Kissi (from left to right)
"Comprised of two individuals who reside in the urban world of NYC, Street Etiquette is a parallel to the accepted meaning of Etiquette. Etiquette is described as proprieties of conduct established in any class or community or for any occasion. Our community is the urban areas New York City full of eccentricity, originality and diversity. Our Street Etiquette is our love for HipHop, Hood Art (graffiti) and most of all our love for incorporating different styles of fashion into our urban style." - Street Etiquette

honestly don't even care how corny this might sound, but Street Etiquette helped me step my game up.
The article posts on Street Etiquette touch base on classic pieces of clothing and mentions the history and legacy of each item. I'd suggest this site to anyone seeking to simply get a better sense of style/fashion.

Before I came across SE, my sense of fashion lacked in practicality and a personalized style. Even though, in the past, I was more into over-sized street wear, I always wanted my clothes to be different in some way, more fitting than traditional urban wear. Although I do still occasionally rock some street wear, I'm more aware of how tasteful it looks styled on my physique. Because of
Street Etiquette's tips and detailed descriptions of clothing articles, I have a more personalized style for myself, and my sense of fashion has increased. I would describe my style as laid back, "Urban" Gentlemen wear -- or well put-together without trying too hard. I definitely realize more people complimenting me on my current gear rather than my older gear.

More at Street Etiquette

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Drake: Thank Me Later Debut Album

Now, if you have been following this blog since the beginning (circa 2008), then you know we support the homie Drake. The Baron Boys and Sosa are big supporters of this newer school of rap -- this new league of starters whose progression we have witnessed since pre-fame. From Room for Improvement, to Comeback Season, to Grammy-nominated So Far Gone, to right now at where he is in his career, we've seen him progress from the jump, and it's quite an amazing thing to see THE underrated, yet talented underdog come up from others doubting, hating, and holding him back.

No matter what anyone says, you can't take away the work and dedication he puts into his music. I support good music. Point blank. Drake's projects are comprised of well-thought out, conceptual music.

Despite all the singing he does on the album, it's fairly Hip-Hop for the reasons stated above. No matter how much you dislike Drake for what ever reason, I don't see how you can deny the album as a fair attempt at "real" music. It's real shit, and a real nigga can't hate on real shit. Just saying.

Much love and congratulations to Drake. We know it's as good as Platinum in the first few weeks, Diamond by Fall. Too much credit? Nah.

Purchase Drake's Debut album "Thank Me Later" (here) and support good music that's worth your money.

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Dormtainment: F***ing Wit Chaz Part 2

As I've mentioned in my 2nd Hot Blog Shoutout post, the guys of Dormtainment are hilarious. If you missed my post about them, just click the Hot Blog Shoutout link above and check it out. I think my favorite segments from Dormtainment are the "F***ing Wit Chaz" skits. There has only been two thus far, but both have been hilarious. Chaz has got to hate these niggas by now lol. But check it out, "F***ing Wit Chaz prt. 2"

More Dormtainment skits here

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Will Be a Beautiful Death

artwork by 36hundred
Kanye West new single "Power" featuring Dwele (produced by Symbolyc One)
Download here

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