Monday, March 30, 2009

This Picture Is Epic...

You know Jacob Jesus Pieces (notice i said Jacob, not no Variant ass Jesus Piece) and Hip-Hop go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly...I too hope to have an ensemble like this in a couple:

Oh yeah..Shame On You If You don't know who is wearing these pieces lol ;-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"No Further Details, Boy"

COOP again... Here for another late night posting. So this year, as a new year resolution, I wanted to have healthier relationships with everyone who was in my life. I wanted to make new friends and network better and overall just be more of a people's person. Right now I say fuck it.
Just today I got into like 4 different arguments! Now maybe... just possibly... maybe it could be due to a communication barrier (via txt message, IM, Facebook Chat and all that shit), BUT regardless, arguments should not just sprout from no where. I have concluded that it's gotta be me. Now don't get me wrong, these people I argued with today are already pretty difficult to talk to ANYWAY but that doesn't explain why I quarrelled with them. Cuz I know me, I don't usually get into arguments like that; matter of fact I shy away from them... or i used to anyway. I don't see any use for arguments, just some back n forth shit that goes no where, until one person gives up or gets beat up or whatever.. How often do arguments get resolved by agreements? Almost unheard of. but anyway...It's gotta be me though. I blame no one else. It's like the way I communicate or something. It either doesn't connect well with others or it's just too much. I tried, but i don't know how to help that. Bad habit maybe?

Shit you know how when you get mad at someone and write them off? Well I don't get mad, i just get that mental check list poppin like "iight, i got you... you done" and that person is no longer a homie, acquaintance, or anything of the sort. Well I've done that too often. On my phones contact list, I put those people on a 'X-List' lol so they just get a X infront of their name n show up last on the contacts. At the beginning of this year i took everyone off the list to start fresh n new; showing grace, if u will. Buuuuttt for some reason, at this moment the list is even bigger than it was before I graced those people off the list. Iono... i guess not everyone is made for....everyone. I guess thats the reason why in highschool i kept a close circle and that's it. By nature, I'm not a people's person. I accept that shit...but still at the end of the day Good Karma is my Motivation. It's a Virtue. It's what I live by.


p.s. Sos n Ym, we need to get back on this blog shit with actual blog articles n shit . . .

Monday, March 16, 2009

99 Problems

Man, YM swears I stay with girl problems. I be in denial, but after a chain of recent incidents concerning females in my life, I'm starting to reconsider my truth lol. Damn. I respect women. I love women. But some of y'all are, as Naive as they come, and again,

Just about all of my situations deal with a female who get's caught up in "love" or false hopes for finding it...with me. I can't even lie; It's not always entirely their fault, BUT it's mostly their fault for being so fucking dumb. But still, I may find myself saying things and doing things that I really shouldn't to avoid her from developing feelings that are too deep. But on the other hand, chicks do that in EVERY situation they get in. But really, is it my fault that you want to talk MAD freaky, saying you will do this, that and everything for and TO much to the point that it lures me in to wanting to apprehend everything you offer? Fuck no it aint my fault, you damn freak. But I have no excuse; I WOULD say that NO NIGGA can turn that kind of shit down...but as a Distinguished Gentleman, I should've seen through it and turned it down. Especially since it was just bait (good bait though, can't lie...u got me lol).

Some girls want everything you just DON'T want, but say things that she KNOWS you can't resist. Dirty. FILTHY. It's a trap my nigga, RUN! I'ts straight though cause I can sacrifice all that shit to remain a free man! lol (ps: You were strictly a 7...and a 7.6 on your BEST day. I can't wife that) You hurt yourself in the end. I just wanted the ass (as i THOUGHT u just wanted some cut) but you wanted to get wifed up and wanted me to be a part of the family. Dumb that shit down, lil freak. The only thing I have to say to your mom is "Hey, your daughters a freak ,and I'm all up in that."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ms. Keri - The Mixtape

Ill propose to this women ON spot and hang up the "Casanova" title lol...Her style, look, voice, music & production is the best in the game right now as far as R&B. (Yes i said it Beyonce fans)

Ms. Keri Mixtape :