Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Pulled the Benz Out the Driveway, Hopped On the Highway"

Ali Vegas - Top Gets Lonely

This is my song while im whipping that Benz down the West Side Highway or i-95 back home or going to see my bestfriend Tasha ;) or Dee (EVEN though the Benz aint mine lol). Shit is sooooo smooth & relaxing. That feel good music...

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

COOP Rant #3

Sunday evening at 4:26pm. I have a full agenda, lotta shit to do, but currently I aint doing shit, and my mind is telling me I'm bored as fuck. aaaaggghhhh... This feeling is NOT cool. I want to get on the beats right now but my mind is not in the musical state to do that at the mo. It's annoying, cuz when I'm on it... I'm really on it, really making like 7-11 tracks within a couple of days. After that spurt of musical energy, I find myself back at the bottom of the wavelength, u know... the recession part of the business cycle (brush up on your econ). Infuriating... I find it hard to progress (musically) when my mind is so frequently off and on when it comes to making music. This just started happening to me sometime like last year, before then I would be able to bang out anything right quick at anytime. I wonder what's different now. I know one thing, I need to organize and re-arrange my workspace. A cluttered environment is a cluttered mind. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is my favorite group of producers right now. They are killing it with the records they cut with Rick Ross, Magnificent, Maybach Music 2, Yacht Club....DAMN all them are hittin and are clean as fuck, filled with big and musical composition. "Just Undeniably Some of The Illest Composers Ever" is what their name stands for, and I can agree with that... Fuck them niggas lol. They work with live instruments and they can play them too, smh. Some day soon, we got them niggas. and I just got a lil new drumkit/pack too, some good sounds in it, but can't make shit with it right now. It's like being a kid and getting a new toy for christmas but not being able to play with the shiiiittt... and on top of that, I made a few agreements that I would be helping some people out with collabs and providing a few beats but I can't get to it. A nigga feels kinda useless! and What i need you to do is feel sorry for me lol.

School. Freshmen Year sprinted past me in a gust of wind. First semester, I made dean's list and shit, fuckin 3.5 GPA. Second semester a nigga is fuckin uuuppp lol... I'm like "aye man, fuck it, i'll get to it later"...smh. Had to drop 2 classes before I failed them hoes. Got 3 classes left, and finals are this week (i think...i dont even know). I will be taking a Music Theory/Composition class in the fall, so that is the ONLY class I'm looking forward to, even though it's at 8am (-_-) ..!.,

Within the past year...up until last night [ ;-) ], I had a lot of fun, had a lot of not so fun moments and made a lot of mistakes... but now i think i'm scopin for *wifey*...
and if i'm lucky, i'll get lucky and find one. Maybe she can serve as some inspiration (my muse) to my music. . . Lord knows ya boy needs it.

..more later, if I'm up for it.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Illustrious Jane EP: Hello Jane

Say hello to Jane. Download Jane's EP, "HELLO JANE". JANE hails out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Before we became awesome friends through Mel B (of No Regard), I had the opportunity to get some work done with Mel through co-production on Jane's official EP. She has an amazing voice and is very creative, it's refreshing. Man, just holla at the download and enjoy the GOOD MUSIC.

| Hello Jane EP |
And So, It Begins
The Transformation


Myspace Page: Celestial Jane Facebook Artist Page: Jane

as always...
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You prolly remember Curren$y running with Lil Wayne, After Years and Years of giving us free music & his club banger "Where Da Cash At" from awhile ago (That joint STILL goes hard in the clubs/parties).Here's his Debut Album titled "This Aint No Mixtape".Its funny he named it that, cuz really this dont sound like no mixtape lol.

Go to to check out Curren$y

I aint finna throw up no link of this nigga album neither lol. Get it how you get it. All i know is i got it legitimately.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

More for the Homie Drake

I'm posting this before I even watched it myself..cuz it don't matter.

***And peep this Drake interview on Cipha Sounds Peter Rosenberg Morning Show (i actually listened to this one already)

str8 from the Official Drake Blogspot: October's Very Own (I'm very curious as to how that name came about)

as always....
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I been waiting for this for AWHILE now. I did submit some stuff from YM & Coop to Big Sean awhile ago because his manager asked, i don't know if he used any of the material i sent over though...

He gets the co-sign from me for being a nigga who can dress and actually being able to rap, plus he's from Detroit (Shout out to Billy) & plus he's the best youngin' outta G.O.O.D Music (YES CuDi is Trash (O_o) lol)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, If you aint know by now

iight so I'm a little bored right now so I'm bout to drop this post right quick. But if you aint know by now, Drake is my favorite artist.

A female friend of mine (Reese) insisted I was ridin because Drake is my favorite artist, but me no give A fuck. Right now, at the moment, next to kanye, no one fills the track with as much heart as Drake does. His vulnerability is partly why so many people feel as though they are connected to Drake, that's why so many people practically kill themselves just to express just how long they have known about Drake, to see just who is the bigger fan. Humors me, Cuz i remember back when not so much people knew him (way prior to Wayne), I would let people hear what i was listening to on my earphones in class, and they would kinda be feeling it, then as SOON as i say he reps Toronto, they be like "wtf, u mean CANADA NIGGA?..get the fuck outta here" and they drop the headphones and walk away. now look at them SAME niggas, hopin right on the wagon. I dont mind, it's not even my place to mind that bs.
Like He said in his song Uptown:

"its okay, you can run and tell ya friends that I'm believe i understand it's okay."

The guy's name is in peoples mouths like no other. Highly anticipated. Now, i MAY just be ridin..but i honestly don't give a fuck, cuz Drake is just about THE best artist right now. I'm not saying he's the best lyricist (no eminem, or biggie or deep thought provoking rapper who uses super clever word play, although he does use word any decent rapper), and im not sayin he's even the best rapper...he's the all around best artist right now, cuz through quality music, he makes u feel like you actually KNOW this nigga. "put ur heart and soul into your passion" he does just that... The way he appears transparent on the track just through words, he makes the connection, and nobody can take that away from him. Again, if i'm riding...i dont.. give... a damn.. I'll even say dat shit proudly... really i'm standing behind my favorite artist as millions of fans stand behind JayZ as the best rapper alive.

Now when "Thank Me Later" drops mid to late summer... I BET it's a wrap. I put money on it that it will be deamed as one of hiphop's greatest albums (probably not immediately, but when the respect comes, it's a sure thing...that album will be widely accepted as one of the greatest hiphop albums) And i have a weird feeling that it will be just like almost every Great rappers album (just as Marshall Mathers LP and Reasonable Doubt and Born to Die and many other FIRST happens). The first album is usually ALWAYS the best album, from a popular standpoint.

but um... yeah Drake is nice... I'm done.

and I hope Tslack come through with that hook up for the May 2nd show, though... Lord Willin' lol

excuse any mistakes..i didn't proofread

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

HMMMM... ionooooo!!!

I don't know about this... Cassie... Cassie kinda jumped out the window with this ish... Personally, I think a shorter hair cut would have sufficed quite adequately, but she took it to the extremes by completely shaving HALF OF HER HEAD BALD, while keeping the other half there, untouched... Kind of scary. But I wont lie.... it doesn't look too bad on her....AND......despite her void of singing talent, I would still wife that up. :-)
What y'all think about the cut?

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