Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 54 - Hosted By Slim

01. Slim - Is This The Way
02. T-Pain Feat. Dj Khaled - Karaoke
03. Ludacris Feat. Common - Do The Right Thing
04. The Game - Toy Soldiers
05. Miz & UnCommon (Real Life Click) - Ill Bomb Freestyle
06. Kanye West - Robocop
07. Joe Budden - Sidetracked
08. Lil Fats - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 17
09. Slim Feat. Fabolous & Ryan Leslie - Good Lovin'
10. Freeway - Nobodies Fool
11. Jadakiss - Deeper Than Rap
12. Cool Nutz Feat. April Cason - Totin
13. Ludacris - Last Of A Dying Breed
14. The Game - Compton Story
15. The Game Feat. Kurupt - All These Hoes
16. Kanye West - Coldest Winter
17. Lil Fats Feat. Illaj - Something Sexy
18. Joe Budden - Under The Sun
19. Joe Budden - The Soul
20. Young Mac - Ballin Is A Hobby
21. Big Ant Feat. K. Trazz - No Hoe (myspace.com/mrslapper)
22. Loose Leaf - Empire
23. Rico Smooth- AND I
24. Slim Feat. Big Boi & Faith Evans - So Fly (Remix)
25. Slim - Outro

Evidence "For Whom The Bell Tolls" ft Phonte, Blu, and will.i.am

OKP's got the latest joint off The Layover, the upcoming EP + DVD from Evidence. The Layover is nine new tracks accompanied by videos for six or seven of the nine (still TBD). We had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview of some of the videos and you are going to want to be around for those when they drop in the near future. In the mean time, listen to the Khrysis produced "For Whom The Bell Tolls" featuring Phonte, Blu, and will.iam. The Layover EP/DVD is in stores November 25th via Decon/Taylor Made. CMJ, see Evidence tonight at the Decon Records showcase along side 88-Keys, Aceaylone, Izza Lizza, DJ Babu, and special guests..

Evidence "For Whom The Bell Tolls" ft Phonte, Blu, and will.i.am
DOWNLOAD- http://www.zshare.net/audio/50140878e896e5be/

more HERE

Monday, October 20, 2008

Glory or Death ---> You Choose

Presenting G.o.D Jewels. I'd be lying if i aint say i haven't been playing his music all day or since i met him. Mainstream music is missing a dude like him that has style (he's nothing like these bum ass rap niggas), really lyrical on the mic, has mainstream appeal to the ladies and dudes & people can follow along his lyrics. Remember how i told you about Drake before? Well he is the NEXT nigga along with The Boy Illinois.

I could go on and on lol. Check out the music!

Feel Like A God - http://www.zshare.net/audio/5010537989e3fe1a/

How to Rap - http://www.zshare.net/audio/50105461893515df/


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kris Kasanova...My Brother from Another

here goes my brother from another Kris Kasanova. If you wanna know how Sosa would sound IF he rapped (which i do NOT lol),its him...

Smooth Flow, Gritty Brooklyn Sound, Ill Word Play and Young....


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little Brother- Lovin it!

OMG! (or like Jane would say, Oh-Em-Gee)
it's a classic

Consequence!!!! DISPERSE

"when worst comes to worse my peoples come first, if you aint bustin down, please disperse"

Disperse is one of my favorite songs on Cons album "Keep Your Day Job".

Disperse- ft. GLC & Really Doe

Feel This Way- ft. John Legend


What's Good? it's COOP baby...

Say hello to Jane. Hear Jane Sing. Love Jane's Voice. Download Jane's EP, "HELLO JANE". I briefly mentioned her in the previous blog about Master Mynd. Sydney "JANE" Ragland hails out of Chesapeke, Virginia, and like Master Mynd, she also is on the Rebel E Music roster. They have a gang of talent, i MUST say. Before we became awesome friends through Mel B (of No Regard), I had the opportunity to get some work done with Mel through co-production on Jane's official EP (free for download). She has an amazing voice and is very creative, it's refreshing. Man, just holla at the download and enjoy the GOOD MUSIC.


Introducing the Master Mynd

Whats Good? COOP here, again...

Sir Shawn "Master Mynd" Jones of Rebel E Music. I was actually directed to his myspace (MasterMynd) page through a bulletin posted by the lovely Sydney "Jane" Ragland. I usually don't check out peoples stuff but i guess i was bored that day. I was blown away when I first heard his material. His rhymes/technique is well-polished and full of substance. unfortunately, His previous EP entitled "Back To The Basix" is no longer available for download, BUT his next project "The Arrival EP" is coming soon! So save his page and keep a look out for him.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tony Yayo - Catch A Body (Produced by the Baron Boys)

...more from The Baron Boys on the way!

Link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/2025040090bd50c9/

Shout out to Dre from G-Unit & The Kidd Domination for informing us!

Heartbreak Munny

First and foremost, thanks to Sosa for the title to this blog.
This seems to be a problem I keep running into that should never happen.

Fellas, if you catch your girl texting/calling another dude at all hours of the day & night, please, PLEASE do not call the other dude talkin' about "Why is my girl calling you?" ESPECIALLY if you do not know this man, nor does he know you. Chances are, your "wifey" (and i use this term usely in this situation) never told him about you (maybe for good reason). You need to handle yours and get at your girl about this dilemma, not him (me in this case). Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self cause Homey don't play that.

This has been a public service announcement approved by Heartbreak Munny.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two Baron Boys Songs Featured on...

HipHopGame.com (shout out to Brian a.k.a 730!)

October's Gonna Be Marvelous...

Got homecoming at Penn State University coming up, Then Homecoming at Spellman coming up (Bad Black Broads!!!!) then my mans Birthday in VA. Its gonna be a lot of money spent and a lot of liquor consumed but hey we young and restless lol (right?)

Speaking of October you should check out October's Very Own Blog.Its official


Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is my shit right about now...

This "Ransom" shit with Drake and Lil Wayne. I dont even play Wayne's part cuz he does the typical mumbling, and if you know me you know me well and cant stand Waynes voice sometimes. (boi-wonder production)

Drake killed this nigga on this haha

Friday, October 3, 2008

That Chicago Flava...The Boy Illinois

Here's the Premier Video of an artist we are working with called "The Boy Illnois" .Video is really something special and original. (Check out the Flow)

The Boy Illinois - One Love

And if you didnt download his mixtape "Inhale Pt.1" Get that RIGHT Now. (Baron Boys are on that!)


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its about 48° outside...Its About that Time

For the Moncler Vest with the Hoodie under it :) . You can never go wrong with Moncler during winter weather and still be stylish.

Kanye know's whats good ;)

Richie Sosa, Ransom and Remo Da Rapstar "Lets Get Real" Produced By The Baron Boys

I got a ton of music to post from us but for the day im just going to leave it to these two ;). Shout out to Richie Sosa, Remo and Jerseys own Ransom for ripping this track for the streets.


Little Added Bonus shout out to us from Richie and Remo

Sorry we couldnt make the video shoot guys.

Drizzy, TreaZon, Gemstones & Dow Jones Work with the Baron Boys

Lets gooooooooooooooo. This some hard stuff for the people. Shouts to Tslack for helping us put this all together


Id Like to Introduce...

Me,Sosa, of course and the Baron Boys...Had this blog up for awhile now im bout to get it running.

Fly shit will be posted

Music We Support will be posted

And any other random stuff like every other blog site does.I mean this is my personal space right?

*Clay Davis* Shittttttttttttttttttt *Clay Davis*