Sunday, May 31, 2009

PainUS OriginUS Fashion Show

Friends and colleagues of F.O.R.E.V.E.R. ENRICHMENT PLANNING & MARKETING SERVICES put on an amazing event to Celebrate the beginning of Summer and Memorial Day Weekend with Fashion, Art, and Stylistic Entertainment -- A night where GREEK MYTHOLOGY MET FASHION & ART. The Fashion Show introduced the self-made clothing line PaintUs OriginUs by the "The Great" Fenton Thompson. The show was held at the Coffee Loft in Atlanta and was comprised of 3 phases displaying new and improved Spring, Summer and Causal lines of fashion wear.

The Artist and Line creator, Fenton Thompson

Me Sporting a Piece from the PaintUS OriginUS Line

More Artwork here
More Pics from the event at

"R.E.A.L. ARTISTS DO REAL THINGS!!"- Fenton Thompson

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabolous - Its My Time / Throw it In The Bag (Video Premiers)

1st off the Its My Time video is Fire! Its got that Epic feel to it like a mini movie...

Kinda crazy how far Fab has came.I remember this being one of the first artist next to Onyx, Big Pun, Wu-Tang that i played in the casette player (do they even make these anymore) in middle school when i heard him on Clue's 1st Album back when he was Fabolous Sport and flowing like Mase. 9-10 Years Later...

"Its My Time"

"Throw it in the Bag"

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Seriously. Who is this Dude's Stylist?

"So Dream was supposed to be Geordi from Star Trek with that visor? Was this Nigga wearing a leather henley under a leather vest?"

Dream makes some fire records but what do this nigga be wearing? My mans G.o.D Jewels just had me laughing about this earlier today too about Dream and his non-dressing ass. Its all good though imma leave it at that lol...

This video sucked too. Hype Williams what were you thinking? Niggas tried to make this some Star Trek and MJ Scream steeze and failed miserably....

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kanye Backstage @ Louis Vuitton

its kinda crazy how Kanye has surfaced to just being more then a rapper. Dude has his hands in everything now. Even though i dont support everything he does (like you dickriders), i cosign on whateva shit is hot and dont cosign anything that is not hot.

This is hot lol

Kanye def can dress too so you know i take notes whenever i see him do some fly stuff and i can relate...

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T.I. - Hell of A Life

Great news. After T.I. beat the odds and wound up with a sentence of 366 days in an Arkansas jail, he's gonna be re-releasing his most recent album, Paper Trail and dubbing it, Paper Chase: Case Closed. Here is the first single from the re-release, titled “Hell of A Life.”

T.I. - "Hell of A Life" Download

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Eminem Freestyle Session with Westwood

Although, his last album was a flop to me, I've always been a fan of Em. Since "Hi, My Name Is". This boy can freestyle son... No written shit!!! Not a lot of people can go off the handle off the dome like this man. Check it out.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Charles Hamilton: The LAST *PUNCH* LINE!!!

The worst thing about this has got to be the fact that they got it on video... smfh. This is hilarious. Dude got snuffed, and you can see the humility in his face AND THEN humiliation in his eyes!!! hahaha

The *punch*line that ended the battle...

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Here We Are Again & I Swear Im in My Zone

"..and imma sip this drank until that muhfucka gone, then u gon get undressed, and we gon get it on... we gon get it on"

It's hard to believe but only a week has gone by since my last day of class for the spring. It feels longer though, because all of these nights have been soooooo late and some of these mornings have been too early. When a nigga say he on the grind...believe him... I'm on the grind. Gettin all these beats done, catching up with the real homeboys who came home for the break, and still having time to socialize with the current (yet tired) prospects. There's this one chick that works at MickyD's, really pretty and dont even wear make up. me and Jane had a talk about this chick, I coulda swore she looked like this female I have dreamed of before a long time ago, prior to seeing this girl working at MickyD's (so im thinking is this the girl of my dreams... or just some girl in my dream, pretty much stole that from jane since i asked her what if she was in my shoes). So I try to get at her and I comically get shot down with the "i got a bf". yet, She said try ya luck next time around though hahaha. Imma get to know this girl, regardless. Sum'n about her.

As far as the music side of things go, shit is just str8 but more on the shakey side. Right now, a lot of things are up in the air and we just don't know where the peices may land. All I can do is strive to keep getting better. If a nigga ever says he's satisfied with the state of his craft, he is NOT grinding, NOT on it, NOT doing it, NOT getting anywhere else, and ultimately NOT succeeding. I'm here to exceed. Doing what I have to do and keeping that goal up there in my sight, just an inch too far out of my reach, even after I get better and better and better. There is no stopping. Before I die, I want to achieve a superb musical level, to where I am actually COMPOSING classic symphonies. The motto is: "Want it all, even thought everything will never be enough"... The strive and hunger for success never receides. (Shouts to Sos for relieving a nigga of some financial stress, that's my nigga. I hope to pay every penny back with future revenue via Baron Boys Productions...cuz we gon get there)


Anyhow, I'm starting to feel good that we are getting some more ears turned toward us lately. Even though a lot of shit fuckin FELL THROUGH!!!! Seriously, so many opportunities are slowly drifting away from us, through the cracks of our hands right now. But I gotta be truthful, it's mostly the people on the OTHER end bullshitting, fucking up, not coming through with what they SAY they are going to do, which kills all credibility.

*I was excited about getting into the studio with Bryan-Michael Cox in metro Atlanta last week... didn't work out... and I honestly don't know why.

*I was excited about meeting with that A&R for DefJam... didn't work out either, due to scheduling conflicts, I suppose...

*I was excited about going to chop it up with BOI-1da and Tslack (Drake's previous manager) ...IT HAPPENED! but failed to meet my expectations.

*I was excited about these publishing deals on the table... but it's like these other guys offering the deals still have their hand on it while it's on the table, ready to snatch it right back as soon as we go to reach for one of them. SNAKES. Can't trust none of them niggas.

Take life one punch at a time, to take over the world one day at a time.
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and shout out to Jane...just cuz i thought she deserved it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

G.o.D Jewels!

Fuck it. This just gon be a whole post on G.o.D Jewels. I personally work with The G.o.D and he's doing a sort of Viral Marketing to lead up to his mixtape release. This is a creative approach for him to pick up new listeners on his quest to releasing the actual CD.

Go Check out his Website at
His page looks crazy by the way

"License To Kill" is out.


If that doesn't work, then:

'Paper Planes'

Here's the second installment of the Deleted Scenes:


"The Rock"



The first of 3 "singles" off of Glory Or Death.



Toys will be on the tape.


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Monday, May 4, 2009

Everything Lost Can be Gained...

...Except for time wasted

:::Monday, April 27, 2009:::

Life is a movie depending on how YOU write the script...meaning depending on how YOU interpret it, or what you make it out to be. Whether its a Drama, or comedy, or even a action flick. We all know SOSA got that Romantic/Comedy flix goin on. Thats CASANOVA right there! I think my life is more like that Introspective Drama with a lot of comedic scenes. YM's is that reenactment/documentary of a rock star nigga whose whereabouts are forever unknown (insert Jimmy Hendrix music here)...something like that, but i could be wrong, and that's okay because his whereabouts are forever unknown, so i wouldn't know anyway! lol

Just thought i would share that thought. But as for Monday night/Tuesday Morning on campus, that shit was ridic the whole day! I woke up at 7am to finish this paper for class (had to write about homosexuals in society...yikes). Then the day ended at 3am when i left campus lol. A lil bit hot outside, but a good day, nonetheless. My niggas had me dying with jokes the WHOLE day. and we devised a master plan to re-up with new female prospects for the summer and next fall. Time to hit up some softball games, volleyball games and dance class rehearsals...yup, that's how we get it in :) lol. but yo, I'm glad my crew aint a bunch of niggas who try to act tough, we don't need that. But days like that make me appreciate my health and my state in life and the ppl I choose to surround myself with. Go through life making memories. I got shit to talk about for days.

Cool thing is.... i sent this from my BlackJack Phone via SMS text... cha cha cha niggas

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