Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"My Nickname in the A - Strapped Up Shawteh"

Just another episode. Here's an update of what went down later in the week when Blink, Illi and Sosa were in the A. So when Blink and Illi got here, everybody was excited and ready to go! We had the studio booked and were anxious to get there and start working. Unfortunately, as usual Atlanta traffic was a bitch that day, so we were bout 30 minutes late for the session. But the studio session was great. I think we got two songs recorded for Illi that day (one Intro track for Inhale prt. 3 and another track for the mixtape titled "Red I"). It felt good being in the studio being creative and feeling the vibe. We had Damon L. Thomas, an established Director/Editor/Photographer, come through and take photos of the creative process. I wasn't feeling the 2nd day session because somehow the Atlanta heat got inside the studio and drained everyone's energy. Niggas was napping and falling out left and right. I think it was a point where it was just me, Illi and the engineer still awake. But all in all, that weekend was a great weekend - maybe the funnest week of my summer. Round two is going down soon. Everyone's coming back and we're bout to be back at it. Don't know if I'll write an update about it though...real spit.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[MUSIC] CurT@!n$ x Dom Kennedy "2 Sports Cars"

Actually a pretty dope track. It has the "tag team" delivery theme where the two rappers take turns every few bars, switching throughout the song. It's dope how they did it, and the two different styles compliment each other well. Take a gander and Pay attention.

Download Here: CurT@!n$ x Dom Kennedy "2 Sports Cars"

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"I Slick Want No Parts of That"

The last few months have been fun (for a lack of a better term), but lowkey outta hand ever since early June up until last night. Sosa (@SosaCasanova) came down from up north and has been here for a couple nights now. Haven't kicked it with my nig since last fall when he came down for Morehouse/Spellman homecoming, which was on point, by the way... but fast forward to Tuesday night (7.13.10) when we scooped him from the airport. I was with one of my homies Jay, who's back in town for now, but he attends FAMU and is in the Marching 100... Just like everybody, before actually meeting my manager, Jay thought Sosa was gon be bout 40 years old, but was surprised to see a young nigga lol

First night we just went out to eat with my peoples - one of which was Jay, and then my other dude George (@ifollowme) I went to high school with, originally from Nigeria. They had Sos dyin with the shit they were saying. George always saying off the wall shit, and Jay's life is comedy... no offense, g. I go through this daily. And then Wednesday night (7.14.10), we linked up with my dude Wes (@wesg35), and all we had was time, liquor and bud. Sosa looked out with all the supplies... I shoulda known we were bout to OD. And that, we did. No way in the world I ever wanna be that geeked up (for no reason) again. I hardly remember much, but I do recall Wes going deaf and damn near unresponsive (but with eyes open) when we were tryina drop him back at his crib lmao. I got home and fell out with my contacts in and I could hardly open them this morning. Got about 4-5 hours of sleep, but I had to come into work with this lightweight hangover, feeling heavy-headed but light on my feet... and for some reason, I'm functioning too efficiently at work right now. I get off at 4 then no telling what the move is later.

Soon to come on Friday, Illi (@TheBoyIllinois), Blink (@Blink), and Tre (@3tre) are comin down from Chicago. This means heavy studio time for the weekend. Thus far, this has already been if not the most, then one of my most eventful summers, and I don't even fuck with summers like that. More to come

Always remember *points down*
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

[Music] Young Scolla - The Fallen (prod. by Tecknowledgy)

Here's a new track from Young Scolla, produced by Tecknowledgy. Listening to the lyrics, I can say it's appropriately titled The Fallen.
"I know I’ve been on hiatus but it’s been for good reason. I’m currently wrapping up my Potluck (Compilation Mixtape) and my street album, Tears & Triumphs which will drop sometime this August. You can expect various song and video releases from me until these projects drop. I want to thank everybody that’s been showing their support and sticking with me. It will be well worth it in the end." - Via Scolla’s Word
Listen & Download: Young Scolla - The Fallen

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sosa The Casanova Advice: Girl Coming Over

This is a blogpost for yall dudes who wonder why shortie might of not smashed for the night or wanted to stay over at all. That dirty ass bathroom of yours. After living on my own for about 4 to 5 years its really only right to clean up your crib. I plan to move in with a girl this time next year (that's another story) so im glad i picked all this shit up now. It reflects you as a person and i dont care how lazy you are. Me and my mans take care of our bathroom like clockwork.

As far as females? Dudes really think the girl is taking long because she took a number 2 as SOON as she came over to visit LOL. You idiot she asked to use your bathroom right away to:

a.) check herself to make sure she looks on point for you (ie. makeup etc)
b.) check to see if you take care and clean yourself
c.) check your shower and make sure its no rings of saturn around that bitch.
d.) wipe yourself and have bathroom tissues stocked.
e.) pick her nose and wash her hands & ultimately take a piss (which i doubt)

I dont care if you wash with sanitizer and the finest of Italian Soaps. If your area is dirty that means you are. That's like eating a gourmet meal where there is shit all over the place.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

[Video] Janelle Monae – Tightrope Remix Feat. B.o.B. & Lupe Fiasco

Admittedly, I'm a bit late on this, because I was sleeping on it. Although I feel like the verses were too short, I F**K with this track. Personally, I think Janelle should have stuck to singing in her verse. Her rap was alright, but it didn't feel natural at all. I like Janelle; she can move too. And like the homie Flozstello (@ImFlozstello) be saying, Janelle need to stop playin'!

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