Monday, October 20, 2008

Glory or Death ---> You Choose

Presenting G.o.D Jewels. I'd be lying if i aint say i haven't been playing his music all day or since i met him. Mainstream music is missing a dude like him that has style (he's nothing like these bum ass rap niggas), really lyrical on the mic, has mainstream appeal to the ladies and dudes & people can follow along his lyrics. Remember how i told you about Drake before? Well he is the NEXT nigga along with The Boy Illinois.

I could go on and on lol. Check out the music!

Feel Like A God -

How to Rap -


COOP said...

oh damn, niggas was wilding with that... especially G-O (if that is the preferred reference lol)...too bad Baron Boys don't make his kinda music lol.

ol boy in the red, shouldve made his own video...he wasted space on here. I Aint sayin he wack though...just goin besides G-O and Illy....naaaaaaaah brah lol

G.o.D. Jewels said...

How you figure y'all don't make my kind of

COOP said...

we don't cuz i SAY we don't! lol

nah, but you usually spit on the up north sampled joints with that soul feelin...When the last time Baron Boys made somethin like that? But me n YM talked we tryina make some shit for yah, u n Illy

G.o.D. Jewels said...

True, But that's not to say that I don't like ALL types of beats...You putting me in a box of only rapping on soul samples. That's my favorite shit, But I'm not limited to only that.

If some shit is hot to me, It's hot...Soul sample or no sample.
I'm just picky with my shit.

I used two of your beats already...Y'all on my upcoming project. If y'all didn't make "my type of music", I wouldn't have taken the time out to use any of your

Sosa the Casanova said...

Yeahhh i see what both yall saying lol

COOP said...

lol this nigga wrote a essay explaining that he'll rap on our beats lol

yeah but i get you...SCREAM at sosa...he holdin the beats hostage lol

Sosa The Casanova said...

lmao nahhh Jewels had to break that down to me also cuz i was like this nigga would never hop on a Baron boys beat cuz that sample shit is what he love.

Niggas gon peep though.