Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YSL = High Tops Are IN

Fact: High top's are in

Opinion: YSL is a luxury line that's actually worth the high prices
(PRADA A-CUP'S (shits been done since i was in 11th grade) & You GUCCI GROUPIES ARE Annooyinggg)

Fact: Low tops are out

Opinion: The YSL Rolling Sneakers are the best high top sneakers to acquire right now

If you had to make a decision off of someone's opinion why not Sosa's?

Not convinced?


tasha said...

ughh these gucci groupies are giving me a bad name =( they suck so i had to switch it up to louis =) i cant front gucci still has my heart. but i keep it in moderation.

Munny said...

these are real clean. Took a clear bite out of the Vans Skate Hi's, but we not gon knock em for that.

COOP said...

Louie Kicks: $400
Gucci Jeans: $500
Spending all your damn money to make these white folks rich: priceless

JJ said...

check my blog.
you've been missin out on some new music

G.o.D. Jewels said...

I been a fan of high-tops.

Falls on the denim better.