Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Thoughts From Sos'

still brainstorming on this new baron boys logo...schools been stressing me the fuck out...i havent had a good nights sleep in weeks...its either someone calling me up for music, drama or school...I might be wifed up soon (SIKE! lol) ...I been in a world of my own, missed a ton of Bday Parties & Premiers cuz of school...someone accused me of some shit that was downright wrong recently.Reliving my childhood with Street Fighter 4 but my damn Joystick isnt compatible with it :( ...I love this damn game...So i finally got my 1080p HDTVand ps3 and wanted to see what the hype was about with Blu-Ray, this shit is amazing...YM & COOP, Illinois & G.o.D Jewels are them next young niggas...This weekend i ran "Im Illi" back about 20 times in the was fun stunting in the city with my nigga Dee last & him thought 'So Far Gone' was a big letdown...Graduation is in like 3 months hopefully i can pass these classes lol...Considering doing my Masters right after..doubt it lol...ill holla

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