Saturday, October 31, 2009

BISD ::: *leak*

This shit is just plain out dope... 50 came back from that other bullshit he was on. This is the best album since G.R.O.D.T. and I'm gonna support this by spending my cash on it. I know he rich, he obviously doesn't even need to do music. but he's not even doing it for the sales, well sorta. He's doing this to get his fans back (hence rapping about shit we know he aint doing, but it's all good). That man's pride was hurt when Kan sold more than his last album. (Didn't 'Curtis' actually flop?) But anyhow, track after track, back to back, str8 flames.

Download the Before I Self Destruct leak: here
-Pay Attention-

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Sosa the Casanova said...

This shit is FIRE. I downloaded it from ya link today. Its kinda crazy how people still think Curtis flopped but still went platinum. This shit is flames. Now i cant be mad at 50 for passing up on so much shit cuz yall def handed him some heat.