Monday, January 12, 2009

Sosa The Casanova Advice #1: Fraudulent Broads

Dee & Especially me have a 3 strike rule for the Lovely Ladies.Im Sure this applies to YM & Coop Also...

If I text you and I receive a one word answer? STRIKE ONE!

No response at all? STRIKE TWO!

Not answering/Returning a Call or ANY other Funny Business YOU'RE OUT!

Once they don't hear from you or see that they arent the only one your trying to get at, theyll problably end up calling/texting you (unless she doesnt and really is not interested or got her own main squeeze OR shes just a lame)

If she calls, then you hit them with "who is this" when they ask,hit them with the "I got a new phone, but whats good" and all of a sudden that chick is back in the rotation.

Words of Advice:

If she is wack and got no potential. She's not even worth the "who is this". Simply hang up the phone and move along lol. Theres too many girls out here to be wasting time that strike out rule applies to the chicks who got potential. If shes just wack from the start then dead that immediately if she starts acting up.

-Sosa The Casanova


Vintage T said...

thank god im your best friend lol! smh i should make one for dudes and the females 3 strike rule

1. you aske me 1million questions about my weekend, i ask you 1, you laugh or dont respond!!!

2. you see us calling, you let the shit ring to vmail and then hit us back with a text (you serious?)

3. *my personal favorite, other shorties might disagree* i say describe yourself to me and you use the term WAVY? or some other GENERIC RAP LYRIC OR LINE From a MOVIE YOU'RE A LAMMEE

lol sorry sos' i had to put my own

COOP of Baron Boys said...

LMAO LMAO LMAO x3785974934839!!!!!

SOS I COMPLETELY CO-SIGN! I already told u about my X-List! lol

and Vintage T, i swear i died laughing at the second strike u wrote!! hahaha (not that i'm guilty of that or anything!!!)

More shit like this should be posted

Sosa the Casanova said...

HAHAAHAHAH OH SHIT! I REMEMBER THE X List.i gotta start doing that COOP!

DAMN TASHA you put that dude ON BLAST (you know and i know who we talking bout LOL)

Munny said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA this is my favorite post i think.

Vintage T wowwwwwww lmao. that voicemail -> text sh** is bread & butter though lol.

Vintage T said...

lmfaoo i had to put him on blast sos. i mean really, "im wavy"

haha COOP you know you guilty! lol.
& Munny don't do it either lol said...

that post is actually true. lmao.

I wish a dude would tell me "im wavy" lmao, that just tells me im wasting my time.