Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sosa The Casanova Advice #2: Being "Friendzoned"

1. you're "dating", and she makes any reference whatsoever to anybody else she might be seeing.
even if it's "unintentional" (which it never is), most chicks aren't going to let a dude she's interested in know that she's seeing other people, for fear that it might scare him away. she might imply that she's "busy", but if she's into a cat, it stays the ambiguous "busy" instead of the ball-shrinkingly unambiguous "damn…do you realize this is my second date this week?? you're lucky you caught me".
2. You all haven't been physical before, but she makes any reference whatsoever to sex she's had before:
basically, if you're sitting around shooting the $%*+ and she's telling you about "that time a couple years ago in the movie theater, with the bus driver, the basketball trophy, and the stopwatch", consider yourself neutered. her "freeness" of the tongue if proof that she now officially looks at you as a "friend", not a "potential sex partner". the next time you see her, you might as well just know nothings going down.
3. you go over her crib to "chill" or watch a flick, and she looks as if she just completed a decathlon.
***if she greets you at her door looking HORRIBLE,Chalk Up The L for the night***
-if you haven't slept with a woman yet, and she allows you to see her at her hair-curlered, scuffed timberlands, dirty-t-shirt, the chances of her ever seeing you in a sexual manner is never happening.
as neurotic about their appearance as most women are, (unless she's still in college) there's no way in hell she's gonna allow a dude she's actually interested to see her at her "worst" before they actually sleep together.
4. any compliment about her looks or her potential as a mate is responded to with the same lazy "thanks" you'd get after loaning a co-worker a broken pencil
guy complimenting "interested" woman: "you're killing that dress tonight"
interested reply, accompanied with eye contact, a smile, a slight blush, and a undetectable tingle of the vagina: "thanks"
guy complimenting "uninterested" woman: "you're killing that dress tonight"
uninterested reply, accompanied with a forced and somewhat condescending return compliment, to ease the awkwardness she's feeling: "awwww, thanks hun. your socks are really nice too. they really compliment your knuckles"
5. she either refers to you by one of the killer b's ("buddy" or "brother") or uses this phrase ("he's like a **fill in the blank** to me") at any time when describing you.
just the thought of hearing this from a woman i'm interested in gives me cold sweats and hot flashes. i think i'm just gonna move on
6. she tells you she's not interested in or ready to be in a relationship…
which is her polite way of saying she's not interested in or ready to be in a relationship, with YOU...and she probably never will be. if a woman actually says these words to you, believe her. its the realest thing she'll ever say

and NO Sos' hasnt been friendzoned recently lol.


Vintage T said...

wow!! some of this i can agree with, certain sentence yah, i've actually done #6 and then shit about making your ankles look nice had me dying.

1. if a shorty talks about fuckin all them dudes, RUN shes a jump or very very loosie with her goosie.

2. she keepin it real, but she wil if she actually says shes been on other days, in the same week.

3. some females rather you see them undolled, rollers, no bra, timbs, cuz then you know what you REALLY gettin if you can rock with me on my "decathlon lookin days" you can def rock with me on my dolled up days

damn sos' u gettin at us pretty hard tho lol

COOP of Baron Boys said...

...damn lol

Nigga, make a video blog about this shit lol.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this. this has to be done so some niggas that dnt get the point get it now lmao cuz these feramles be doggin niggas that get friendzoned and still be tryin lmao shits funny as hell

Vintage T said...

LMFAO yall some straight up WOMEN HATERS!! lol

COOP of Baron Boys said...

we love women...and look down on hoes... that's all lol

The Baron Boys said...

this is still funny as hell