Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Checkpoint: a place where a traveler stops for inspection and clearance. The point where one's progression up until this moment is accounted for, and here lies the line of many options and paths in various directions which lead to different outcomes -- to sit, reflect and assess, then formulate a plot to be carried out in order to progress in the game... to win.

As every ticking second becomes a standing minute, and every minute becomes a memorable hour, and every hour becomes a waking day, we don't just wait for blessings to arrive. We strive for progression, to get better in order to better our future. I want to be that man who success finds, not the man who finds success. Too busy working to even worry about success. I'm too busy working, and learning, and creating...too busy to worry about it. But it's understood to me that every time I open my beat-making software and venture into my own world in my mind, I take a step further into the progression of my life and the yearned high-status of my future. Even with all of this in mind, I can't help but wonder when or if the dreams will become reality. How much time will pass before aspirations become doubts, and doubts become affirmations? Affirmations that tell us that our dreams were meant to be dreams. That's my life's nightmare. I've been in the dark for 8 years since I started making beats, I've seen a few flashes but It's like every time I go to grab a light, I miss. Even with new beginnings of new relationships and new business, the dream seems to get more bleak with each passing month...stagnancy settles in. and to think, this is simply ONE life issue along side of everything else going on which I choose not to voice to anyone. All I can say for now is that there are a lot of things and people to let go, and even more to pursue and apprehend. Time to cut the bullshit, and play life like the game it is. No longer can I not know the direction of where my life is heading. No longer will I not be in control of where it's heading. This is my checkpoint.

-Pay Attention-

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