Friday, September 25, 2009

New Drake Videos

Been a minute since we had a Drake update here...Lemme just post some quick videos.

Money to Blow: Video directed by Gil Green. Although the visual actually made me like the song even more, and beat sounds sicker with the visual (shouts to Drumma Boy), it was brought to my attention by a fellow producer that the video actually did have way too many cuts, and color correction was off. I went back to watch and realized he was right. The picture actually seemed pretty dull, but that's from a technical/critical perspective. I like the vid, nonetheless.

Forever: I love the visual and effects of this video. Hype Williams went big like always. Kanye with the pyrotechnics lol... Hot shit... Shouts to Boi-1da on the beat!

Digital Girl: I just plain out like Drake's verse on this one. He played off the digital theme really well with the software and chatting references. Real clever. Kanye fuckin killed it too... he does that shit so effortless now.

-Pay Attention-

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