Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"My Nickname in the A - Strapped Up Shawteh"

Just another episode. Here's an update of what went down later in the week when Blink, Illi and Sosa were in the A. So when Blink and Illi got here, everybody was excited and ready to go! We had the studio booked and were anxious to get there and start working. Unfortunately, as usual Atlanta traffic was a bitch that day, so we were bout 30 minutes late for the session. But the studio session was great. I think we got two songs recorded for Illi that day (one Intro track for Inhale prt. 3 and another track for the mixtape titled "Red I"). It felt good being in the studio being creative and feeling the vibe. We had Damon L. Thomas, an established Director/Editor/Photographer, come through and take photos of the creative process. I wasn't feeling the 2nd day session because somehow the Atlanta heat got inside the studio and drained everyone's energy. Niggas was napping and falling out left and right. I think it was a point where it was just me, Illi and the engineer still awake. But all in all, that weekend was a great weekend - maybe the funnest week of my summer. Round two is going down soon. Everyone's coming back and we're bout to be back at it. Don't know if I'll write an update about it though...real spit.

-Pay Attention-