Sunday, April 19, 2009

More for the Homie Drake

I'm posting this before I even watched it myself..cuz it don't matter.

***And peep this Drake interview on Cipha Sounds Peter Rosenberg Morning Show (i actually listened to this one already)

str8 from the Official Drake Blogspot: October's Very Own (I'm very curious as to how that name came about)

as always....
-Pay Attention-


Sosa the Casanova said...

That name came from all of their birthdays being in the month of October :) .and this is getting kinda ridiculous.This nigga had an interview with ANGIE?! THE biggest radio personality & show.

COOP of Baron Boys said...

haha yeah he's making his round. he was in the Stu with Jayz and shit, made a remix of "Best i ever had" with busta and shit. Nigga is at work