Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, If you aint know by now

iight so I'm a little bored right now so I'm bout to drop this post right quick. But if you aint know by now, Drake is my favorite artist.

A female friend of mine (Reese) insisted I was ridin because Drake is my favorite artist, but me no give A fuck. Right now, at the moment, next to kanye, no one fills the track with as much heart as Drake does. His vulnerability is partly why so many people feel as though they are connected to Drake, that's why so many people practically kill themselves just to express just how long they have known about Drake, to see just who is the bigger fan. Humors me, Cuz i remember back when not so much people knew him (way prior to Wayne), I would let people hear what i was listening to on my earphones in class, and they would kinda be feeling it, then as SOON as i say he reps Toronto, they be like "wtf, u mean CANADA NIGGA?..get the fuck outta here" and they drop the headphones and walk away. now look at them SAME niggas, hopin right on the wagon. I dont mind, it's not even my place to mind that bs.
Like He said in his song Uptown:

"its okay, you can run and tell ya friends that I'm on...best believe i understand it's okay."

The guy's name is in peoples mouths like no other. Highly anticipated. Now, i MAY just be ridin..but i honestly don't give a fuck, cuz Drake is just about THE best artist right now. I'm not saying he's the best lyricist (no eminem, or biggie or deep thought provoking rapper who uses super clever word play, although he does use word play...like any decent rapper), and im not sayin he's even the best rapper...he's the all around best artist right now, cuz through quality music, he makes u feel like you actually KNOW this nigga. "put ur heart and soul into your passion" he does just that... The way he appears transparent on the track just through words, he makes the connection, and nobody can take that away from him. Again, if i'm riding...i dont.. give... a damn.. I'll even say dat shit proudly... really i'm standing behind my favorite artist as millions of fans stand behind JayZ as the best rapper alive.

Now when "Thank Me Later" drops mid to late summer... I BET it's a wrap. I put money on it that it will be deamed as one of hiphop's greatest albums (probably not immediately, but when the respect comes, it's a sure thing...that album will be widely accepted as one of the greatest hiphop albums) And i have a weird feeling that it will be just like almost every Great rappers album (just as Marshall Mathers LP and Reasonable Doubt and Born to Die and many other FIRST albums..it happens). The first album is usually ALWAYS the best album, from a popular standpoint.

but um... yeah Drake is nice... I'm done.

and I hope Tslack come through with that hook up for the May 2nd show, though... Lord Willin' lol

excuse any mistakes..i didn't proofread

-Pay Attention-


* jordiebby . said...

im fighting you if you get tix for the show may 2nd . cos i DEFINITELY dont have any . but great post . drake is great . and that's all i have to sayyyyyyyyyyyy .

♥ j`ello !

COOP of Baron Boys said...

lol yeah we might just be fightin then lil buck

Vintage T said...

lol son every time i turn around some is quoting drake on a facebook status or sending me a quote in a text. lol. i even seen a few rappers (whatever they wanna call themselves) quoting drake! lol..im gonna be the last person to be a fan..

by the way, you been said you was a drake fan, even when everyone was on cudi's dick!!!! *which they still are..smh*

COOP of Baron Boys said...

lol that's okay. I used to get annoyed when all these new found fans wanna talk about Drake cuz, i know they just on the bandwagon or whatever and I use to wanna let them know how I knew about the guy before the Wayne era and all that nonsense (shout out to YM, cuz i wouldnt have known about Drake if it wasnt for Ym, for sure) damn Canadians...but i later i realized it's a good thing he got a bangwagon, its good that he has this wave of new found fans and groupies, all the exposure and mouth talk about him is good and will only help his career.

but then on the OTHER hand, When people say they aren't fans of his, i feel just as good, knowing that as soon as you hear his debut album, you WILL be a fan. and i have no doubt in my mind about that notion!! lol It's future fact, in fact. I feel like his album will be the hottest shit he has ever dropped, because it definitely has a lot of classic shit he has been saving for some time ..hence sayin to labels "I would advise you to really make a move sooner than later, cuz these are only the joints that im GIVING away" and the mixtape Comeback Season was a hip hop classic within it's own right.

but ANYWAY.... I dont see that same magic with Cudi. He's a cool artist also, he can get those teenyboppers and hipsters on board but eeehhhhh, iono. I'm still mistaking his name for COODI every time i see it lol

Vintage T said...

lmao true i completely understand what you're saying, but i cant be a bandwagon fan, i'm actually listening to one of his songs with trey songz right now, and i must admit that i am turning into a drake fan (not because everyone is telling me to be one). in fact, its a fact that you stated will happen. but bandwagons are cool if the artist continues to deliver. thats the unfortunate thing with COODI (lmao) i've heard the damn day and night song remixes 1,000,000,000 times for months, and i highly doubt that he will be able to deliver another day and night, which i feel is only poppin cuz jim jones jumped on it. smh

idk whats up with the music industry, i never hoped on the r.les bandwagon cuz when i heard the album, im like "really like 6 out of the 9 songs are played out" what's new? its hard to get good music. but you can tell a true fan (of drake or anyone else) when they can quote more than 5 songs, especially songs that haven't been blasted on blogs and radios. so when i see someone quoting drake songs, im like hmm maybe yall are fans, but at this point it doesn't matter because he's finally getting the attention he needs/deserves.

ps these types of conversations are better in person!

pps shouts to sos for puttin me on..oh and yall too lol

COOP of Baron Boys said...

yah way better in person of course lol... dont nobody wanna type out all this shit lol

but I agree with you on all those points you just made. Especially bout the COODI shit. I know a lot of people love that guy but he aint nothin spectacular to ME right now. But yeah again, about the Drake fan thing, i don't think many people (from who I personally know) can really quote his songs by memory,cuz most of them just became fans, u know. and they probably havent even backtracked to his previous two mixtapes, the ones that made me a fan lol.

but anyway...word word word...word!

Vintage T said...

word word word! you're music head for real. some people just front like they know what the hell they talking about & most of the time they dont know SHIT! lol. well when sos comes home i'm always with him unless he with yall so we can always have a round table discussion on this! finally yall get to hear a females side of the hype on music! lol.

hurry up with another post! lol yall be SLACKINGGG!!

COOP of Baron Boys said...

lol i know we be slackin on the blog!!! I actually wish I could devote some more time into it. But you know when we're not here posting, we are still puttin that work in, but elsewhere! We Never stop the hustle!
like my mentor says:
"Success comes to those who are too busy to look for it" - Sir Charles Rogers


COOP of Baron Boys said...

DISCLAIMER: quote by Henry Thoreau btw.. Sir Charles is my mentor. lol

WORD!!!!!!! (in the meanest voice)

Vintage T said...

LMAO to the meanest voice! true you right keep up the hustle! oh by the way ima pull a cassie/britney and shave my head lmao not that short but its about time for my summer routine! unlike cassie i rock the shit outta short hair.

and by the way get you a bbl so you can update your post anywhere lmao.

nice quote by ya mentor by the way

Sos' said...


M.I.T.S said...

I've been telling people.
He's made music exciting again!


The Baron Boys said...

Whats good M.I.T.S! I'm diggin the blog. that's a long ass post you got!!! lol