Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Here We Are Again & I Swear Im in My Zone

"..and imma sip this drank until that muhfucka gone, then u gon get undressed, and we gon get it on... we gon get it on"

It's hard to believe but only a week has gone by since my last day of class for the spring. It feels longer though, because all of these nights have been soooooo late and some of these mornings have been too early. When a nigga say he on the grind...believe him... I'm on the grind. Gettin all these beats done, catching up with the real homeboys who came home for the break, and still having time to socialize with the current (yet tired) prospects. There's this one chick that works at MickyD's, really pretty and dont even wear make up. me and Jane had a talk about this chick, I coulda swore she looked like this female I have dreamed of before a long time ago, prior to seeing this girl working at MickyD's (so im thinking is this the girl of my dreams... or just some girl in my dream, pretty much stole that from jane since i asked her what if she was in my shoes). So I try to get at her and I comically get shot down with the "i got a bf". yet, She said try ya luck next time around though hahaha. Imma get to know this girl, regardless. Sum'n about her.

As far as the music side of things go, shit is just str8 but more on the shakey side. Right now, a lot of things are up in the air and we just don't know where the peices may land. All I can do is strive to keep getting better. If a nigga ever says he's satisfied with the state of his craft, he is NOT grinding, NOT on it, NOT doing it, NOT getting anywhere else, and ultimately NOT succeeding. I'm here to exceed. Doing what I have to do and keeping that goal up there in my sight, just an inch too far out of my reach, even after I get better and better and better. There is no stopping. Before I die, I want to achieve a superb musical level, to where I am actually COMPOSING classic symphonies. The motto is: "Want it all, even thought everything will never be enough"... The strive and hunger for success never receides. (Shouts to Sos for relieving a nigga of some financial stress, that's my nigga. I hope to pay every penny back with future revenue via Baron Boys Productions...cuz we gon get there)


Anyhow, I'm starting to feel good that we are getting some more ears turned toward us lately. Even though a lot of shit fuckin FELL THROUGH!!!! Seriously, so many opportunities are slowly drifting away from us, through the cracks of our hands right now. But I gotta be truthful, it's mostly the people on the OTHER end bullshitting, fucking up, not coming through with what they SAY they are going to do, which kills all credibility.

*I was excited about getting into the studio with Bryan-Michael Cox in metro Atlanta last week... didn't work out... and I honestly don't know why.

*I was excited about meeting with that A&R for DefJam... didn't work out either, due to scheduling conflicts, I suppose...

*I was excited about going to chop it up with BOI-1da and Tslack (Drake's previous manager) ...IT HAPPENED! but failed to meet my expectations.

*I was excited about these publishing deals on the table... but it's like these other guys offering the deals still have their hand on it while it's on the table, ready to snatch it right back as soon as we go to reach for one of them. SNAKES. Can't trust none of them niggas.

Take life one punch at a time, to take over the world one day at a time.
-Pay Attention-

and shout out to Jane...just cuz i thought she deserved it.


SeanTheReal said...

damn man its great to see the success yall been havin lately.. im extra late on that Young Chris placement, good job man thats a great look.. keep it up man...get a job

The Baron Boys said...

That boy Ethereal, if you still go by that name. Thanks for showin love bruh!

Jane said...
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Jane said...

I don't give you the time.. you deee.. serve from me. This is something I know.. I know.. I know. So tonight I'll just..

I'm so proud of youuu!! Referring to the Mickey D's girl... even tho you got shot down.. but I like your determination. Go get em tiger. And speaking of dreams, I've been having a lot of crazy dreams about music the past few months, and that book Think and Grow Rich has been telling me that everything in life starts in the subconscious.

Last thing... it really SUCKS when you think great things are supposed to happen, and you plan for them, but they end up not happening. But you know what doesn't suck? When you don't plan, and they DO happen. Everything will come to us in the way that it's supposed to.

btw... MAKE IT CRAZY!!