Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabolous - Its My Time / Throw it In The Bag (Video Premiers)

1st off the Its My Time video is Fire! Its got that Epic feel to it like a mini movie...

Kinda crazy how far Fab has came.I remember this being one of the first artist next to Onyx, Big Pun, Wu-Tang that i played in the casette player (do they even make these anymore) in middle school when i heard him on Clue's 1st Album back when he was Fabolous Sport and flowing like Mase. 9-10 Years Later...

"Its My Time"

"Throw it in the Bag"

-Pay Attention-

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The Baron Boys said...

from the looks of these two new vids, the album looks promising. I just hope it aint like the last album where it's everybody else on it but Fab happens to rap on each song.