Monday, May 4, 2009

Everything Lost Can be Gained...

...Except for time wasted

:::Monday, April 27, 2009:::

Life is a movie depending on how YOU write the script...meaning depending on how YOU interpret it, or what you make it out to be. Whether its a Drama, or comedy, or even a action flick. We all know SOSA got that Romantic/Comedy flix goin on. Thats CASANOVA right there! I think my life is more like that Introspective Drama with a lot of comedic scenes. YM's is that reenactment/documentary of a rock star nigga whose whereabouts are forever unknown (insert Jimmy Hendrix music here)...something like that, but i could be wrong, and that's okay because his whereabouts are forever unknown, so i wouldn't know anyway! lol

Just thought i would share that thought. But as for Monday night/Tuesday Morning on campus, that shit was ridic the whole day! I woke up at 7am to finish this paper for class (had to write about homosexuals in society...yikes). Then the day ended at 3am when i left campus lol. A lil bit hot outside, but a good day, nonetheless. My niggas had me dying with jokes the WHOLE day. and we devised a master plan to re-up with new female prospects for the summer and next fall. Time to hit up some softball games, volleyball games and dance class rehearsals...yup, that's how we get it in :) lol. but yo, I'm glad my crew aint a bunch of niggas who try to act tough, we don't need that. But days like that make me appreciate my health and my state in life and the ppl I choose to surround myself with. Go through life making memories. I got shit to talk about for days.

Cool thing is.... i sent this from my BlackJack Phone via SMS text... cha cha cha niggas

-Pay Attention-


Sosa the Casanova said...

You be saying some ILL deep shit Coop. You got me and YM down to a T.Cuz thats exactly how i see my life! haha. You really are artistic with how you think.

I remember them 7-8 am papers also. Im glad i dont hang with a bunch of phoney tough guy niggas. Life would be wack as hell. I hate niggas who act like laughing a lil and having fun is not cool (o_O)...that shit is lame.

I also wonder how this summer is going to go as far as the females are concerned ;).Meeting broads in different area codes!

COOP of Baron Boys said...

haha I appreciate that, Sos. I swear if i could rap, it would make for a pretty nice album.