Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creative Recreation Spring 2010

Creative Recs done started some shit... I'm still waitin on fall. Peep Their spring 2010 collection.

Please direct your attention to the black pair of boots on the far left side. *thumbs up*

Recs goin Tiger Woods, what?

Creative Rec has released some looks from their Spring 2010 line. Forthcoming looks from their main line have strong details and inspirations from their “Italian” line. Smooth lines and muted undertones are the focus on many of these forthcoming styles. Creative Rec continues to switch up their style and bring fresh looks again and again. – cw

But truthfully, I might fux with the Black Boots and the Brown boots and that it. Like I said, I'm just waitin for the Fall 2009 collection cuz I KNOW they are fire. I'm not a big fashion-head but I know what I like.

-Pay Attention-


Anonymous said...

these shoes is type dope. gotta start fuqin wit the Creative Rec(mind tht I;m creativeGhost lol)

Sosa the Casanova said...

I never copped any Rec's but i wanted the Italian joints they dropped awhile back but fell back. I need those Brown ones in the one picture!

COOP of Baron Boys said...

to me, all of em flava (except that Tiger Woods Gold show shit..them niggas silly for that) but yeah I wanna get those BOOTS they got. I'm sure all they gon be runnin for 200+... gotta be

Anonymous said...

im an adivd RC collector, where im from nobody really fux wit RC'S cuz errrbody country but if anybody find anything extra hot from RC PLEASE HIT MY E-MAIL LIKE I STOLE SUMTHING CULTURE0781@YAHOO.COM