Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Still Goes "Raw" in 2009? (o_o)

Seriously, who doesn't use condons or some type of protection nowadays? I don't care if that chick looks like Alicia Keys or America's Next Top Model I'm still strapping up. Yes the sensation of going raw is the best but I can live without it and in peace knowing I didn't catch something.

If you wanna go catch "bodies" and smash all summer long that's on you, that's not my style, dudes make sure u use protection all the time and ladies make sure those dudes yall dealing with wear them too.

Only reason for not using one is because she is wifey and yall have been together for a long time and yall trust each other. Other then that, niggas be thinking the condom shit is only for not getting shortie pregnant. No, its so u won't catch these STD's too dummy...

Stop playing Russian Roulette with ya life and stay sucka free! Ladies AND Fellas :D

-Pay Attention-

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