Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake Video "Best I Ever Had"

Garbage ass video & waste of my time except for the breastisis lol. My personal opinion. I don't know what YM and COOP think though...nothing more to say basically

Someone tell Kanye to keep making beats/rhymes and stop directing.Horribly Directed and Great to Look at.If you got all the money in the world to use why wouldn't you go to Hype Williams?

Shout out to Boi-1da on the beat again.killed it...

-Pay Attention-


COOP of Baron Boys said...

I second that notion. This garbage can go ahead n play on that garbage ass BET. Dammit...Drake...a lot of fans are pissed. Twitter folk went crazy lol...had a field day on this, nobody liked it.


Vintage T said...

booooooo take it down take it down. the only thing good was the half time talk "we all know what you can do with 2 minutes" besides that, i drew a blank face..

lmao @ the whomp-fucking-whomp

Anonymous said...

hype williams isn't as great as he used to be as well...he lost his creative touch. =l