Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jordans? Why waste your time even copping anymore.

I don't even rock Jordan's (never did other then 11's ONCE) but for the dudes that do rock Jordans. Why do yall even beast or better yet ask niggas "Yo you heard they coming back out with the Infared's or the XI's". A dude just today asked me. No duh nigga they always release them over and over again and yall niggas beast time and time again for em asking me as if i care lol. I swear they JUST retroed the Space Jam's or whateva last year and now they RE-RE-RETROING them AGAIN this Novemeber SMFH. Jordan Brand just milking yall clowns pockets and using less quality on em.Even if you do get "fresh" (o_o) yall look like every other dude wearing them too. This is almost as bad as the dudes who just started wearing American Cup Prada's.

Its not to say you cant wear Jordans every now and then cuz they are classic sneakers. I can't front i like seeing a pretty chick in Jordan's/Nike's SOMETIMES but i rather her rocking some fly shoes.

Step ya game up ladies and fellas...Its 2009. There's too much other fly stuff out here :-)

-Pay Attention-

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Vintage T said...

lmfao damn i agree. i use to be a jordan head, but smh you cant wear jordans with a blouse.