Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

COOP: Women feel like the sole reason we are put on this Earth as human beings is to get married and have a family, right? That statement was kinda bold. But why are we put here? Is it to go to school, get a job, join in wedlock, reproduce, then die? Is it to destroy ourselves and the world on which we live? Is it solely to serve our creator? Whatever our purpose might be, it can't be to simply find the meaning of life in search. It's cool to wonder sometimes. I wonder why/how all the time. Much thought beyond a simple wonder would simply be pointless. The voyage to find the meaning of life: just as futile as holding a grudge against the sky.

I say pursue what makes you happy. Embrace all that feels right. Not everyone can be a star, rich, or famous. Not everyone wants to be any of those things. If I had an ultimate philosophy about life, it would be that life is about filling your niche in society. Wouldn't you agree? How does one find their niche? I'd say just make your niche by pursuing what makes you happy, or what feels right. How wrong can you go with that direction?

My purpose:
I, myself, would like grow into the man I believe is a great man -- a man great enough to love his woman unconditionally, a man great enough to provide for his family and raise his children appropriately, a man great enough to fulfill these duties, and a man great enough to accept his imperfections. I simply want to be a man of charisma, perseverance, and ambition... To not simply live life... but to actively live, or to be alive while living my life, as many people do not do.

Before I leave this Earth I plan on doing everything I want to do, for the simple fact that I want to do it. From skydiving to flying my own plane to waking up to a sun rise on a peak in the highlands of a Southeast Asian island. In the pursuit of happiness and self-fulfillment, I will be a great force in the music industry. I will be a hero in someone's eyes. I will give back and do my part to bring joy to someone's life. I will live and enjoy life along side of  loved ones, and I will provide them with the knowledge and opportunities to do the same, but at a greater magnitude. I came into the world airborne, and I will leave this earth with my footprint embedded in history.

Everyone has their own perspective at which they view life - may my view to be wider
Life is what you make it - may my life to be a monument
Take the world by storm - may my raindrops sprout new buds across the globe.
Promote Good Karma

-Pay Attention-

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Anonymous said...

u only live once man gotta make it worth it n realize your dreams