Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Street Etiquette

Travis Gumbs & Joshua Kissi (from left to right)
"Comprised of two individuals who reside in the urban world of NYC, Street Etiquette is a parallel to the accepted meaning of Etiquette. Etiquette is described as proprieties of conduct established in any class or community or for any occasion. Our community is the urban areas New York City full of eccentricity, originality and diversity. Our Street Etiquette is our love for HipHop, Hood Art (graffiti) and most of all our love for incorporating different styles of fashion into our urban style." - Street Etiquette

honestly don't even care how corny this might sound, but Street Etiquette helped me step my game up.
The article posts on Street Etiquette touch base on classic pieces of clothing and mentions the history and legacy of each item. I'd suggest this site to anyone seeking to simply get a better sense of style/fashion.

Before I came across SE, my sense of fashion lacked in practicality and a personalized style. Even though, in the past, I was more into over-sized street wear, I always wanted my clothes to be different in some way, more fitting than traditional urban wear. Although I do still occasionally rock some street wear, I'm more aware of how tasteful it looks styled on my physique. Because of
Street Etiquette's tips and detailed descriptions of clothing articles, I have a more personalized style for myself, and my sense of fashion has increased. I would describe my style as laid back, "Urban" Gentlemen wear -- or well put-together without trying too hard. I definitely realize more people complimenting me on my current gear rather than my older gear.

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