Friday, June 5, 2009

DIRECT CONNECT: Fuck You Lame Managers/A&R's

So I call up Gorilla Zoe's manager, hoping to get him some joints, to my surprise Gorilla Zoe himself picks up the phone.I knew something was up when I heard his voice like "this nigga sound just Zoe".I'm like "this Zoe manager?" he like "this Zoe HIMSELF,what's good".So we talk a lil and he says hit him with some heat and text him back.I ask him about Yung Joc, this dude was like "I dont fuck with no Joc", Im sorry but i had to calm myself down cuz i was bout to bust out laughing on the phone, but he was dead serious. Someone else told me BLOCK ENT. is going through some shit so that would explain why he said that.Done

Now I call up my Ace Hood contact.Same shit happens lol..Then i call up Ace Hood manager after i had talked to Ace Hood. This guy's manager is a lame, sounding like he just woke up everytime i speak to him, mumbling on the phone. I really felt like stepping outta the professional state i have to stay in and telling his ass to "speak up nigga!" but you gotta keep it professional.

I aint even mention when Rich Boy called me up direct saluting Coop & YM for the joints they had on the page (

I guess some of these artist are tired of their managers/labels who be on bullshit and don't get them these hot records or I just got lucky? lol.hopefully something surfaces with both artist.

Half the time i don't even think they relay records to the artist.

-Pay Attention-


* jordiebby . said...

lol , sos you are a trip . it be like that sometimes , haha :)

The Baron Boys said...

lol I just hope they don't read this...

Sosa the Casanova said...

LMAO @ i just hope they dont read this.

yeah it do be like that sometimes J. Your right. i always forget :(