Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are Pure - Pay Your Child Support mixtape

I wish just niggas like this (Are Pure), G.O.D. Jewels, Boy Illinois, J.Cole, Curt@in$, all these real music niggas, who put the thought and love into the music and you can FEEL their view of music through the music. Like we really don't need anymore bullshit niggas being signed... There's so much talent out there, they are even marketable artists... Why are these fuckin A&Rs such dickheads...they don't know what they're doing.

Any way..peep the mixtape titled "Pay Your Child Support". It's very enjoyable,
Listen and download HERE

So much new flavor out there..you need to
-Pay Attention-

---shouts to Jane for properly promoting this artist to me lol


HaLF said...

Yea man that's my nigga. I did the cover and a track on there, too. Solid ass tape...Too bad my state has NO outlets.

X said...


Sosa the Casanova said...


Jane said...

Half... we working on it