Monday, June 29, 2009

Wiz Khalifa's Flight School Mixtape

Pittsburgh's own.You might know him from his "Say Yeah" banger that was tearing up the airwaves when it first dropped like last summer.

This is his current mixtape with straight bangers through this tape...He sorta combines different styles of people in it and from when he first started he has changed and got older (Tatted up, Clothing etc etc).I remember back when homie was like 16 or 17 and my mans put me onto him before he was all tatted up and stylish lol.

You might think he's corny but i like him...

My favorite tracks: "Shame", "Hollywood Hoes", "Boarding Pass" & "Name on a Cloud"

Download Link:

Here's My Favorite Track He ever Made:


The Baron Boys said...

I heard the mixtape when it dropped, I remember the only song i liked by Whiz was "say yeah"... I'm not seeing what you see Sos lol

Sosa the Casanova said...

Its kinda hard to explain lol.Maybe its cuz i relate to the shit he be spitting.Niggas was just listening to him in my apartment smoking and drinking lol. Like you gotta peep this Wiz Tape right here to see what im saying. If you hear the beats you def gon be inspired. This strictly fly shit + hot rhymes + fire laid back beats (which is what i like lol).

I gotta step out the box from introspective stuff from time to time.

The Baron Boys said...

Im sayin i heard this tape already. I wasn't inspired in the least. I Still say "Say Yeah" was the best song he made.